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We’ve been publishing our international travel magazine HIDEAWAYS for some twenty years now and during this time it has grown into something of a “Bible” for luxury travellers and connoisseurs around the globe. We have discovered some of the world’s most fascinating destinations, checked into the most breathtaking hotels and become acquainted with countless hotel owners and directors.
When you travel as much as we do, you develop a very keen sense for those hotels which are run by hosts with heartfelt dedication and with a passion for what they do, thus creating residences that possess what can only be described as a tangible “soul”, hotels that are not merely places to stay but rather veritable “homes away from home”. Furthermore, we have, over the years, received many phone calls from loyal, long-time readers asking us for personal tips and suggestions. During countless conversations we regrettably had to inform callers that the recommended hotels could not be booked directly through our company.

Martina & Thomas Klocke
Martina & Thomas Klocke


With our new HIDEAWAYS HOTELS collection we have now created a portfolio of exceptional hotels brimming with character, a strong, congenial alliance of like-minded entrepreneurs who share similar ideals and pursue similar objectives, hotels where guests are not simply paying customers, but valued individuals who, at best, becomes friends and for whom hosts are happy to create an unforgettable stay and to fulfil every wish. Whatever your plans – a romantic weekend for two, a dream holiday in the Indian Ocean or South Pacific, an African safari trip or a special location for a family celebration or company incentive – we are available for you at all times to offer competent advice and a unique, worldwide network.

Martina & Thomas Klocke
CEO & Founder

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