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Sölring Hof

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Luxurious relaxation

Sylt - dream destination, place of longing, "Queen of the North Sea". Nestled in the natural landscape and right by the sea, the five-star Hotel Söl'ring Hof is located on the Rantum dune, where guests are welcomed by host Jan Philip Berner. Jan-Philipp Berner's cuisine is among the best that German gastronomy has to offer. Sommelière Bärbel Ring manages the gourmet restaurant and the wine cellar just as competently. The rooms and suites offer every imaginable comfort. In the spa oasis, too, the focus is on the guest. After a day in the healthy sea air, you can enjoy sauna infusions and massages. The service is consistently based on the wishes of the guests: have a picnic on the beach, enjoy one last glass outside at night, have a swim before the open-end breakfast, just walk barefoot all day - nothing is impossible. The Söl'ring Hof is part of the new Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection, an exclusive selection of five-star hotels that offer their guests an incomparable hotel experience.


The Söl`ring Hof offers its guests fifteen beautiful, individual rooms, suites and maisonettes in different sizes. The charming rooms are extremely cosy, luxurious retreats. They offer the guest every imaginable comfort as well as fantastic views of the dunes, the North Sea and the Wadden Sea.

Dune room with small terrace

The dune rooms are named after Valeska Gert, Wulf Manne Decker and C. P. Hansen.

These particularly charming rooms with a view of the dune have a small terrace. In harmony with nature, you will be tempted to indulge in the sound of the waves of the North Sea just a few meters away. The bathroom has a bath with shower.

26sqm dune view, small terrace, bathtub with shower

Valeska Gert became known as an eccentric dancer and pantomime, who also appeared on the screen alongside Greta Garbo. She made films with Schlöndorff and Fellini. She lived primarily in Berlin, but opened the famous “goat stable” in Kampen in 1951, in which many like-minded people traveled. The restaurant was only furnished with wooden benches and milking stools, and the waitresses chanted chansons or recited a poem. Gert died in 1978 and is in the cemetery of honor in Berlin.

In 1855 the "Westerland seaside resort" was officially proclaimed by some far-sighted Sylters. This year there were 98 guests. Wulf Manne Decker was a co-founder of the seaside resort and from 1857 its first spa director. At his own expense, he had the island chronicler C.P. Hansen relocated the first "tourist guide on Sylt".

The Sylt chronicler C. P. Hansen lived from 1803 to 1879 and was primarily a teacher who sometimes taught up to 120 pupils with two assistants. In his free time, he collected extensive material on the history, culture and folklore of Sylt in numerous books and writings. He researched family chronicles, logbooks and official protocols and thus became a comprehensive expert on the island. Hansen published the first Sylt travel guide: "Guide for bathers in Westerland". He is buried in the Keitumer Friedhof. In memory of his merits, the C. P. Hansen Prize is awarded annually on Sylt for special achievements in the preservation of customs.

From 495 euros per night for 2 people

Dune room lage

Large dune room with terrace

You don't want to leave this bright and spacious room anymore. At sunrise there is a fantastic view of the Wadden Sea with its eternal play of ebb and flow. A large shower is available in the bathroom, which has access to the terrace.


Large dune room with terrace 35

The highlight on the embedded terrace is your own heated beach chair - relax undisturbed high up on the dune.

The large dune room bears the name of the dancer Gret Palucca, born in Munich in 1902. She was one of the most important performers of expressive dance and became an idol of the avant-garde. In 1936 she took part in the opening games of the Olympic Games in Berlin. She only finished teaching at the age of 88. Throughout her life, Palucca was associated with the Sylt. She visited the island for the first time in 1924 and later became a guest of honor to Lists. Her last public dance evenings took place in Kampen and List - as a homage to the island, so to speak.

FROM 790 € per night for 2 people


North Sea Room

This extraordinarily charming room is located under the north gable of the house, from which you can enjoy a wide 180 ° view of the dune landscape, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. The bathroom has a shower.

This room is named after Carl Nicolai Christiansen, who was born in Westerland in 1864. On Sylt you only knew him under the nickname Captain Corl. He went on board for the first time at the age of 15 and was captain of the East Africa Line when he was 27. In 1902 he returned to Sylt and steered the paddle steamer between the Danish Hoyer and Munkmarsch for 25 years (at that time the only connection to the mainland).

FROM 540 € per night for 2 people


Sea room south

The light-flooded room lies under the southern gable of the house. It offers you a fantastic 180 ° view of the dune landscape, the mudflats and the North Sea.

Nature is within your grasp - even from the bed and from the bath and shower!
The southern sea room is named after the whaler and beach inspector Lorens de Hahn, who was born in Rantum in 1668. At the age of eleven he was already a cabin boy on fishing boats that went out for herring fishing. At the age of 25 he became whaling commander and was the leader on the island with 169 killed whales - which made him probably the richest Sylter of his time. At the same time, he held the position of the beach inspector, which he exercised with great severity in order to stop the theft of beach goods. When he died at the age of 78, his fortune amounted to the equivalent of four million euros.

FROM € 595 per night for 2 people


Watt room with fireplace

In this beautiful room you look far over the town of Rantum and the Wadden Sea - the change of the tide shapes the picture in front of the window again and again. The bathtub, which also has a shower, offers a very special view of the dunes.

In this beautiful room you look far over the town of Rantum and the Wadden Sea - the change of the tide shapes the picture in front of the window again and again. The bathtub, which also has a shower, offers a very special view of the dunes.

FROM € 645 per night for 2 people


Ocean Maisonette

In these bright maisonettes you have a spectacular view of the beach and the vastness of the North Sea. A staircase leads up to the open gallery to the sleeping area. The bathroom on the level of the living area offers a bath with shower.
The marine maisonettes bear the names of Pua Moders, Boy Lornsen, Pidder Lüng and Uwe Jens Lornsen.

32sqm sea view open gallery
Pidder Lüng & Pua Moders with shower Uwe Jens Lornsen & Boy Lornsen with bath and shower

Pua Moders was considered the "Sylter Till Eulenspiegel". There are numerous stories around him, because many funny pranks and incidents are said to be his account. As a child, he regularly strained the nerves of his fellow human beings - he was a son of freedom and a child of the wild.
The child and screenwriter Boy Lornsen was born in Keitum in 1922. He spent his childhood on Sylt before the family moved to Brunsbüttel. He first learned the profession of carpenter and carpenter, later he passed the exam as a sculptor. In 1967 he wrote "Robbi, Tobbi and the Fliewatüüt" - it was an incredible success. "Jakobus Nimmersatt" followed only a year later. The books have been translated into 13 languages. In 1980 Lornsen moved back to Keitum, where he died in 1995. In addition to children's stories, he wrote poems, short stories and screenplays, among other things for a series of the legendary series "Tatort".

FROM 610 € per night for 2 people


Watt suite with fireplace

While the fire is burning in the fireplace, you can enjoy the fantastic view over the village of Rantum and the Wadden Sea to Morsum in our spacious suite. The natural spectacle of the tides always shapes this magnificent picture anew. A staircase leads to the upper gallery, on which both the sleeping area and the bathroom with shower are located. There is a guest toilet in the entrance area of ??the suite.

60sqm watt view gallery fireplace shower guest toilet

The namesake for the Wattsuite is the farmer Thomas Selmer. He actually comes from Nordstrand, from where he transported building materials to Sylt in the middle of the 19th century. Later he received a concession with which he was able to transport people between Munkmarsch and the Danish Hoyer. In order to shorten the waiting time for passengers in Munkmarsch, Selmer had a ferry house with a tap room built at the port there, which he soon demolished in favor of a more comfortable lodging house.

FROM € 790 per night for 2 people




An oasis of peace with evening impressions.
Far away from the hustle and bustle, the Söl`ring Hof is situated individually, without a neighbourhood between the dunes directly by the sea.
“Where the North Sea waves rush..."
In front of the house there is a white, wide beach.
View into the restaurant of star chef Johannes King and chef Jan-Philipp Berner.
The foyer.
The bar offers more than just a nightcap, it is a communicative meeting point and offers excellent cocktails, wines and tasty snacks among many other drinks.
The small but fine spa oasis offers relaxation for body and soul.
Sea suite "Merret Lassen" with fireplace for two persons.
The mudflat room Ekke Nekkepenn bears the name of a legendary figure.

Location and Directions

Sölring Hof

Host: Johannes King
An der Sandwand 1
25980 Rantum
Schleswig-Holstein | Sylt

15 individual rooms, suites and maisonettes
Prices according to season and category - from 495 - 1295 Euro

Opening hours gourmet restaurant: from 19.00 clock
Day off: Sunday + Monday
July to September also open on Sundays

- Cooking lessons
- Various events, e.g. an oyster excursion
- Festival rooms
- Shuttle service to and from the airport / train station

Credit cards: American Express, Eurocard, Visa.
Distance to Sylt Airport: 15 minutes


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