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SALTUS Eco Resort

Nestled in the countryside at a health-promoting altitude at 1,100 meters above sea level, South Tyrol's first eco-hotel awaits you. It's not just design lovers who will get their money's worth in the ultra-modern Hotel Saltus. Guests who love the typical South Tyrolean warmth will also feel at home here right from the start. Tradition and culture are also lived here. In addition to nature, culture is what makes South Tyrol unique, which is why an authentic inn culture has been preserved. The Tschögglbergerhof restaurant is a typical South Tyrolean inn. People here love old customs, as well as traditional South Tyrolean dishes and service methods. All products come from local farmers and producers.

The rooms, furnished with natural materials, ensure an incomparable feeling of living. The view of the forest or the Dolomites is also unique. The wellness oasis offers relaxation for mind and soul. You can enjoy wonderful panoramic views, natural, crystal-clear mountain water and pleasantly warming sun rays on your skin in the indoor pool, the infinity outdoor pool and on the sun terrace of the Sky Spa. In the middle of the spruce forest, however, the Forest Spa awaits you with saunas, relaxation rooms and a yoga room. Just getting there is an experience. The meditation path invites you to consciously pause at various stations.

Then let yourself be pampered with first-class treatments using natural products and feel the purity, peace and stability of the forest. The Saltus Relaxation Program creates new incentives to go through life more consciously and mindfully again. The various meditation and relaxation techniques, such as yoga, forest bathing, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, are combined with activities in nature such as jogging, hiking and horse riding and make the holiday a very special experience.

The house's heartfelt wish is to give guests impressions that have an impact and also create incentives for them at home. Find out which activities excite you the most and which you don't want to miss even after your vacation.


Pilates and yoga with Bettina Burci
4 days
p.P. from € 935,-

04/28/24 - 05/01/24

Intensive retreat with a daily yoga and Pilates session.

For combined bookings together with the yoga and hiking retreat (8 days in total): €140 discount, i.e. €2,025 per person

This movement-intensive retreat strengthens the deep muscles and has a shaping effect on the figure. Holistic training not only helps you lose weight - regular practice also improves posture, coordination and concentration and stabilizes the muscles around the spine.

The morning starts with an intensive Pilates session, and in the evening we practice Yin Yoga, a very calm and relaxing yoga style in which the yoga positions are mainly performed lying down and held for longer. Yin yoga is a very meditative yoga style that, among other things, has a major influence on the fascia and connective tissue. The muscles are relaxed, the fascia is stretched, and we come to let go.

The combination of yoga and Pilates in this retreat strengthens muscles and endurance but also provides the necessary stretching and toning for a healthy body structure. Specific individual focal points can be specifically trained.

Bettina has double training as a Pilates trainer and a yoga teacher specializing in Vinyasa Flow and Bikram Yoga. She has been teaching a modern, medically and scientifically oriented, but also meditative style of yoga full-time for 14 years. She looks after competitive athletes as well as people with everyday problems with the musculoskeletal system.

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The restrained design of the rooms and suites fits like a delicate frame around the forest, which shows all its facets and with its strong, rooted trunks conveys a feeling of security - right in front of your window and the balcony on which you lie in wait Consider the play of colors on the Dolomites in summer evenings. A glass of wine in hand, a precious person and the forest melody against the background of the first stars of an auspicious night. Feel the health-promoting effect of the forest, which has been proven in a study by Roger S. Ulrich. Just looking at the trees and the forest speeds up healing processes and sustainably improves our health. Linen, wool, clay, and lime carry the natural feeling from outside to inside, promising a multi-sensory living experience that is completed by the view of the forest and the mountain backdrop.

Single suite, 35 sqm for 1 - 2 persons

Anyone who travels alone always travels for themselves. Some appreciate the simplicity, others the comfort. In the single suites you will find both. And 35 square meters of space to develop. Soft colors create an almost secretive liveliness in which the character of this suite unfolds tentatively, but becomes more intense with each passing day. The openable front replaces the balcony and invites the afternoon sun to illuminate every corner with warm light.

Price from 199 Euros


Waldloggia, 35 sqm for 2 - 3 persons

The restrained design of the forest loggia fits like a delicate frame around the forest, which shows off all its facets and conveys a feeling of security with its strong, rooted trunks - right in front of the window and the balcony where you can enjoy it on warm summer evenings Watch the play of colors on the Dolomites. A glass of wine in your hand, facing a valuable person and the forest melody against the background of the first stars of a promising night. The forest loggia allows you to feel the entire health-promoting power of the forest, which was proven by a study by Roger S. Ulrich. Just looking at the trees and the forest accelerates healing processes and sustainably improves our health. Linen, wool, clay and lime carry the feeling of nature from outside to inside, promising a multi-sensory living experience that is completed by the view of the forest and mountain scenery.

Price from 205 Euro


Saltus Suite, 65 sqm for 2 - 4 persons

In addition to the 180° panorama of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites, the carefully selected daybed and playful retreats that ensure delightful intimacy are also impressive. The open ambience creates space for encounters and inspiration on these special days. Walls and floors are made of pure, warm natural materials such as lime and clay, valuable woods and beeswax sealants fit seamlessly into the overall picture. The Saltus Suite ignites your passion for life, making it burn like the mountain peaks of the Dolomites at sunset.

Price from 279 euros

Waldloggia Family, 73 sqm for 3 - 6 persons

The green tranquility of the forest welcomes you every day. Like quiet directional signs, the natural furnishings of the forest loggia show your gaze the way outside, where the forest and mountains determine the scenery and emotional world. In front of this impressive panorama there is only one task left: not to obstruct it. They humbly created a framework that was as natural as possible, weaving linen, wool, clay and lime into a natural stage on which the UNESCO World Heritage Site can present itself anew every day.

Price from 229 Euros



Single suite
Saltus Suite

Location and Directions

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Family Mumelter Gamper
Freigasse 8
I-39050 Jenesien
South Tyrol | Provinz Bozen

Distance from airport:
Munich 300 km
Innsbruck 120 km
Verona 150 km
Bergamo 240 km
Venecia 240 km


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